Who is Gracey anyways?

Gracey is a lovely mare that I fell in love with at a young age. Someone who cared for me in my darkest times, and my brightest. She has always been there for me, as I have been there for her.

How old was she?

She was 23 years of age

A little story about her and I

My sweet love, Gracey. She is one of the most beautiful ladies I ever had laid eyes on. The perfect way she moved, so calm, and so perfect. I admit I have a slight obsession about her, but I am sure you may understand why a little later.

We had a hard life as children, in a poor family. But that never did stop us from having horses. Something my mother had for her whole life. As I would as well. Of course, for me being a horse guy, well, there is not one that is better to me than them. But don’t we all have our favourite?

Her an I met under not the best circumstances, however we met because the world wanted us to. Or at least I think so. Why she was taken from me, I am not sure, but then, did I do it? Is she gone because of me?

Anyways, To the real story of our love and connection. I lost a lovely mare before Gracey, named Sarah, who taught me so many things about just being. Being someone who can love unconditionally and take care of those that needed it. She was a track horse back long before I was even born. She was not fed much before we took her home. We spent a while with her, till the inevitable happened.

So we went on the hunt for a new horse for me, having lost Sarah I didn’t want a new one anyways. After many months of searching, all over the western side of the country, we got a phone call late one evening. They called to ask us if we were still looking for a horse for me. I did not even respond, but my mother said yes. So the love story begins. A random phone call, from some people just down the road.

We went to see this mare, a day later. I remember the place well. It was nice inside, very cosy. Gracey was waiting in the barn being prepped to show her off to us. I could care less at the time. But I went to see anyways. She was a beautiful lady though, in her own right. So they took her to be ridden in the round pen they had. We watched, mother made sure she was right.

I noticed Gracey had never lost focus on me, always with an ear to me, as she went round and round. Mother asked me what if I wanted her. I responded with a resounding YES.

So that’s how it happened, my lovely Gracey, in my care. Of course, this is just a few moments in the 20 years we spent together, growing up, discovering each other, and all the things we could offer one another. We were rarely apart, though I did spend some time working away from home. Boy do I regret that now.